Plating and Surface Finishing

Plating and surface finishing products for all types of metal and plastic.

Baking Products

A wide range of wholesale baking ingredients


Hand tools, janitorial, cleaning, electrical, paper and general hardware supplies

E S Mowat and Sons (Pty) Ltd supplies both locally manufactured and imported products to industries throughout South Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and the rest of Africa.

Comprehensive ranges of products are available to enable us to be of service to the following sectors:

sheet metal and electroplating and surface finishing, baking and catering, hardware and electrical.

Sheet metal electroplating and surface finishing

We supply products necessary for sheet metal and electroplating and surface finishing for the following metals and plastic:
Aluminium Conversion Coatings
Aluminium Plating
Decorative Plating
Electrophoretic Coating
Engineering Coatings
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Metals, Basic Chemicals & Surface Finishing Products
Passivation for Zinc, Zinc Alloys & Cadmium Electrodeposits.
PET Recycling
Phosphate Alternates
Plating on Plastics
Polishing & Linishing
Top Coat Lacquers
Vibratory & Mass finishing
Zinc & Zinc Alloys



Needing a large quantity of certain products? We offer a wide range of wholesale baking ingredients, so you can conveniently find all the ingredients and toppings you need for your tasty desserts and cakes.

From flour and sugar to baking powder and corn starch, we’ve got all the basic ingredients you need to make decadent cakes, cookies, and pies.

We carry a variety of cake decorating items that ensures a wonderful edible creation


Our company’s policy is good products and fast service at a very reasonable price. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the reason we still serve after all these years. This list is just an example of our wide range of supplies.

Many more items are available. If you are searching for a particular item please contact us.

We can supply janitorial, cleaning, electrical, paper and general hardware supplies.